Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Go to the Wilderness.

This video from TEDTalks is a little long, but well worth watching. The first time I saw this speech, my reaction was, "Yeah! Introverts rule! Leave us alone so we can be awesome!" But, having watched it a few more times after a few more experiences, I get a different message.

First of all, I'm not totally introverted. I enjoy the spotlight and I have a hard time relinquishing control. I do, however, prefer to work alone much of the time and find that I am most creative and productive when left to my own devices.

I think that Susan Cain has some valuable advice for the structuring of society, but that's not why I posted this video. Introverts and extroverts both have strengths and weaknesses, and they rely on each other to create a balanced world. It is important for introverts to step into the limelight and voice their ideas. It is also important for extroverts to withdraw and examine their thoughts in private.

As I seek a career path that suits me, I face both of these challenges. I know that it is important for me to put myself out there and explore my options, which can be scary. But, maybe more importantly, I know that it is important to "go to the Wilderness" and examine my thoughts. This prospect is much scarier.

In our "plugged-in" culture, we are rarely alone with our thoughts. I do a lot of my thinking in the car as I commute to class and work, but I keep the comfortable buffer zone of the radio to ward off deep reflection. Why? Because I'm scared of what I'll find in my thoughts. I'm scared I'll find that I have no passion. I'm scared I'll find that I do have passion. On my journey of self-discovery, I know that I must face my fears. I will have to speak out...and I will also have to listen to myself.

I challenge you to listen too. Let's all make time to go to the Wilderness and examine ourselves, free from comforting distractions. And, once we have discovered our secrets, let us share them with others.


  1. Go to the Wilderness Keemy. Do it. Ride that Bike. :P

    1. Aaron,

      Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

    2. You will get nothing else from me but that in your quest to find yourself. Namaste Friend. <3 May you find the light you seek.