Monday, February 11, 2013

Reaching Out

It does absolutely no good to be too proud to ask for help. Stubbornness and pride are some of the dumbest, self-imposed roadblocks a person can set up against success.

I have always been a proud person. I don't know where I got the idea that I was "above" asking for help, but I did.

Lately life has thrown me some curve balls, and I have begun to admit that I need help. When my dad died six months ago, I found that I needed a lot of help in a lot of areas. I needed my boyfriend's help to move my stuff back to my parent's house where I was staying with my mom. I needed my employer's help finding someone to replace me on short notice. I needed my former employer's help to reenlist me once I had moved back home. I needed my friends' help...just to have someone to talk to.

What I learned from this is that asking for help is not hard or embarrassing. It is, quite simply...helpful. I asked for support and I received it. I have done my best to express my gratitude and repay the help in kind, but one of the great things about asking for help is that people often do not expect repayment. People are generally kind and willing to help just because.

Another thing I have learned is that it is not selfish to take advantage of the opportunity for help, it is wise. We all need help sometimes, and that is OK.

Last week an opportunity presented itself which I couldn't stand to pass up without at least an attempt. The English department is doing a Study Abroad program this summer, and they're going to my favorite place on the planet: the British Isles. I've been to England once before and it was a life-changing experience. That trip was the foundation for the one thing I am absolutely sure I want out of life: my desire to live in England one day (Check out My Dream Board to see more). So, when I heard that there was an opportunity to return to the land of my dreams, I went out on a limb and asked for help.

I can't afford to travel out of the country right now. Money is tight, but I remembered my lessons in asking for help, so I gave it a shot. My efforts paid off...literally. When I asked if there was any help available for students who couldn't afford the costs, I was sent, well-equipped, to ask for help from the right people. I reached out and the kind people I encountered were able to help me fund the trip!

Thanks to my newfound ability to reach out and ask for help, I am now reliving the dream of traveling to England! Although this doesn't equate to a career, I am sure that this experience will help me to shape my future career interactions. "Ask and ye shall receive."


  1. Just because you specifically put that you had no comments on your blog...I'm putting one! LOL!

    This is awesome!!! I'm so excited for you! I have a book you need to read about living in Englad...specifically London.

    I'm in love with Jerramy Fine. She is a Colorado girl...who was always in love with British royalty. She lived near the Alamosa area and her parents were hippies. She wanted the "English life" and pursued it until she made it happen for herself.
    Her first book was "Someday My Prince Will Come" and her 2nd book is "The Regal Rules for to find love a life and maybe even a lord in London". She has lots of great advice about what you need to do to move to England and make a life for yourself. I highly recommend it to you!

    P.S.- When you move there....expect me to visit! :)


  2. Christina,

    Thanks for reading! And thanks for the book recommendation! My interest in England has little to do with the men, but marrying into royalty certainly would be a perk, so I'll have to look into Fine's advice! And you are always welcome at my English castle/cottage/whatever!