About this blog

My name is Kimberly and I am a first time blogger. I created this blog to publicly voice my internal dialogue. Because why wouldn't the world want to read about the nonsense floating around between my ears?

I am writing this blog because as I approach my 24th birthday, I find that I have not achieved the satisfaction and stability I had hoped for at this age. (Why I chose 24 as the magical number, I couldn't tell you).

I am now exploring my third declared major as a third attempt at my first Bachelor's degree. Clearly I lack focus. I am lost, but I am seeking. This blog is an exploration of my thoughts and my past actions. My goal? Enlightenment of sorts.

I hope that through the cathartic process of sharing my thoughts I will better understand myself and find passion.

I also hope that you may learn something from my experiences as well. Maybe my stories can instill some hope in other lost-but-seeking souls. And maybe you can share your stories with me.

Please read and comment and take the advice that others have shared with me. Cheers!

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